British star shot Millie Turner releases new single “Swimming pool this summer

By on June 22, 2019
Cover - "Swimming Pool"

Millie Turner has been given a brilliant start to her career. Since the single debut “Underwater”, Turner has been acclaimed in British media and already has over 10 million streams on Spotify. Among other things, BBC Radio 1 mentioned the 18-year-old as one of the UK’s “Best New Pop” artists.

Turner’s work is an experience for both ears and eyes, the visual is important for Turner. The lyrics are also of great importance. She is inspired by people’s stories and gladly combines it with her passion for drawing and painting, something that is shown in her videos.

Now Millie Turner is ready for a new phase, now the new single “Swimming Pool” is released, which placed itself directly on New Music Friday Germany among other things. Turner says the song is a prologue to her upcoming album.

“Swimming pool was based on a poem I wrote that tells a story of a group of kids that destroy this old historic building, setting it on fire, breaking down its traditional walls. They then escape from the chaos, retreating to the walls of the swimming pool. They stay there together, muffling out the sound of chaos outside. It’s about rebellion, liberation and then escapism, stepping away and escaping in this swimming pool.” – Mille Turner

Listen to “Swimming Pool” here….

Millie Turner will perform at The 100 Club on Tuesday 10 September 2019.

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Music | British star shot Millie Turner releases new single “Swimming pool this summer