Bangladeshi Brunch with Dina Begum at Darjeeling Express

By on January 22, 2019

Bangladesh is known for seasonal eating. Six unique seasons shape the food culture of this beautiful country which incorporates harvests, festivals, and national holidays.

Food writer and author of Brick Lane Cookbook Dina Begum will introduce classic dishes which reflect the delicious Bangladeshi home cooking that she grew up eating but was not available in restaurants.

Heritage recipes, family favourites passed on from her mother, as well as recipes from her cookbook, showcase techniques and flavours for the winter season.

To Start

Chotpoti – a Bangladeshi street food classic. Layers of potato and chickpeas are topped with tomato, cucumber, eggs and spices, and dressed with a tart and slightly sweet tamarind sauce. Refreshing, spicy and moreish!


Shartkora diye Mangshor Jhuri – shredded beef cooked in a thick gravy with the prized Shatkora – an aromatic and slightly bitter citrus fruit native to the Sylhet region of Bangladesh

Shatkora diye Katol Jhuri – shredded jackfruit cooked in a spicy gravy with Shatkora (vegetarian option)

Served with

Vegetable Niramisha – seasonal vegetables cooked with turmeric, cumin and Bangla five spice

Chitol Pitha – rice flour crumpets – one of many varieties of Pitha, which are a winter specialty

Birun Bhaat – sticky rice

Classic Bangla salad of red onions, tomatoes and cucumber


Shemai – vermicelli pudding made with milk, and enlivened with warming spices and ghee

Narkeler Shomsha – fried, handmade pastries filled with molasses sweetened coconut

Dhood Cha

Milky, Bangladeshi tea made with Dina’s secret spice blend.

Bangladeshi Brunch with Dina Begum at Darjeeling Express Sunday 27th January 2019.

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