Ayahuasca: From Depression to Transformation

By on January 4, 2019

Ayahuasca medicine has been used since ancient times to heal the people of this earth, now she is re-emerging from the jungle to assist modern man. Many people turn to this sacred plant to help with addiction, depression, anxiety, stress and burn out and many are being healed.

Laura considers herself very lucky to have been radically transformed by this controversial medicine. In this talk she will share her captivating story with you, using poetry, song and illustrations.

Despite her seemingly confident persona, inwardly Laura spent her teenage years and twenties besieged with depression, anxiety, eating disorders and at her worst suicidal episodes. Last year she reached an all time low with her physical and mental health. After a painful break-up, hospitalisation with chronic infections, and career disappointment Laura was left in pieces.

She was suffering from debilitating exhaustion and depression and started to lose hope about finding a way out. A desperate search led her to Ayahuasca and she was lead on a transformative journey. Her energy returned, the dark veil of depression was lifted and her creative channel was re-opened.

After drinking the medicine 30 times Laura has experienced radical changes in her body, mind and spirit. She will share her personal account of her journeys and how it has led her to change her life.

Covered in the talk:

  • Why breakdown was a blessing in disguise.
  • What is an Ayahuasca journey like?
  • Powerful lessons learned from the sacred medicine.
  • Ayahuasca and psychosis, the dangers involved.

Ayahuasca: From Depression to Transformation will be held at The Psychedelic Society on Thursday 10th January.

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