Art at the heart of education

By on January 2, 2019

Art at the heart of education: why you cannot be truly educated without the arts, and why their decline affects us all.
Just as science is the intellect of the world, art is its soul. – Maxim Gorky

To experience the arts is to experience aspects of humanity which cannot easily be defined or understood in another context. In whatever medium it comes, the importance of ensuring young people have – to coin a phrase – access to the best that has been thought, and said, and created in the arts has never been more pressing.

Yet while some schools manage to maintain a broad and rich cultural offer, others find that they are having to turn away from arts education, driven by among other things a restricted funding environment and accountability pressures that act to narrow the curriculum.

Such a trend, if it continues, is of real concern. It threatens to become yet another factor which divides the more privileged from the less. And it takes away from the majority of the next generation the opportunity for them to experience and feel the power of art, and to have it shape their development.

About the speaker
Andria Zafirakou, the winner of the Global Teacher Prize 2018, is an arts teacher from Alperton Community School in London, where she fights on a daily basis to ensure that some of the poorest children in England can experience the beauty and power of the arts. Join her for her annual lecture as she sets out why the arts are so important, and what can be done to ensure they are accessible to all.

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Art at the heart of education: why you can truly be educated without the arts, and why their decline affects us all – Monday, January 7 at Jeffrey Hall.

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