Anthroposophy & Religious Renewal

By on March 15, 2019

*What relevance can religion have for us in the 21st century? *Are ‘spiritual’ and ‘religious’ antithetical terms?

Rudolf Steiner was approached by a group of young theology students, disillusioned with what their cultural institutions had to offer them. They recognised that anthroposophy, rightly understood, could inaugurate a perpetually self-renewing culture.

They were intrigued to hear from Steiner that religion “in its living practice” could help augment this renewing capacity. This led to the founding of The Christian Community, a movement for religious renewal?

Who is Luke Barr?
Luke Barr is a priest of The Christian Community. He has lived and worked in the Camphill movement in Germany for much of his adult life before being ordained in 2014. He has a family with two small children.

The seminar Anthroposophy & Religious Renewal will be held at Rudolf Steiner House on Thursday 21 of March 2019.

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