Altan performs at Irish Cultural Centre Hammersmith

By on March 17, 2019

After three decades of playing on stages all over the world from Dublin to New York, Tokyo to Sydney, the premier traditional Irish band, Altan went back to the hills of Donegal to record their new album, ‘The Gap of Dreams’.

The 13 track album transports the listener to the lifestyle of rural Donegal, to a time before electricity when folks would gather together in the mists of winter to tell stories, sing songs and dance into the wee hours of the night. The music lifted the locals’ spirits and helped elevate them beyond the hardships of the day like famine, conflict, and emigration. It is this spirit that informed the development of the band through their many phases of growth, from a duo performing in pubs to international touring and recording artists.

It’s a great pleasure for The Irish Cultural Centre to present Altan, whose singer and founding member, Mairéad Ní Mhaonaigh became the 2017 recipient of the TG4 Gradam Ceoil/Traditional Musician of the Year, one of Ireland’s highest musical honours, recognising her prominent role in supporting, nurturing and strengthening Irish traditional music.

What the press say about Altan:

“The appeal of Altan centres on the fact that they see no differences or divisions in music. As such, they have managed to cross the all- important cultural barriers between folk and world and rock music”
– Chicago Weekly

“Thought by many to be the finest traditional Irish combo working today, Altan seamlessly blend dazzling instrumental prowess and the gorgeously delicate vocals of Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh”
– The New York Times

“Altan’s special strength is the clarity and coordination of its textures”
– Evening Press, Dublin

“Mairead Ni Mhaonaighs’ beautiful airs had us begging for more. Every corner seemed to echo with her voice long after the music had stopped”
– The Boston Globe

“The hottest group in the Celtic realm these days”
– The Evening Herald, Dublin

“Fresh from their well-deserved win in the Roots category at last week’s Hot Press Awards, Altan put on a humdinger of a show at the Olympia on Saturday night”
– Billboard (US)

“Altan’s tireless touring has won them a loyal following especially in America, and helped them make impressive inroads on world music charts”
– Irish Echo, New York

“…under no circumstances should they be missed in concert”
– Mojo (UK)

What the press say about Altan’s new album:

‘Unhurried and richly stitched, with arrangements that let’
– The Sunday Tribune, Dublin

‘A breathtaking and vital recording of Donegal music from its premier exponent, Altan, and a return to their earlier sound from decades ago with lots of breathing room and stunning virtuosity. Mairéad’s vocals are in full sail and beautifully recorded. The band has now crossed a generation but continues to set the standard for Irish Traditional Music.’
Bill Verdier, WXNA, Nashville

Altan performs at Irish Cultural Centre Hammersmith on Saturday 23rd of March 2019.

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