AIF Presents: Sustainability Training Day for Festivals

By on February 26, 2019

Following on from 2018’s #DrasticOnPlastic campaign, the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) are pleased to announce a sustainability training day to offer festival organisers practical tips and information on running a greener and more environmentally sustainable event.

With speakers confirmed from the likes of Julie’s Bicycle, SMART power, NCASS and Powerful Thinking alongside AIF members including Boomtown Fair, Shambala and Greenbelt, this intimate training day will feature top tips for running a sustainable event. Topics will include: green riders, energy supply & consumption, reducing pointless plastics, reusable cup systems, audience transport, eco wristbands, food waste, communicating sustainability and more, through a combination of quick-fire talks and in-depth group-based workshops.



  • Introduction and welcome, background on AIF’s sustainability work – Paul Reed (AIF)
  • Industry update – Chris Johnson (Shambala / Kambe Events)

Quick fire talks (15 mins):

  • Speaking from experience: Easy, practical steps to managing festivals more sustainably – Mary Corfield (Greenbelt)
  • Good cup bad cup: The secrets to making re-usable cup systems work – Christine Dent (Shambala Festival / Kambe Events)
  • Fight the Power: A guide to saving fuel and monitoring energy – Tim Benson (ZAP / Smart Power / Powerful Thinking)
  • Easy Rider? The environmental impact of touring and green clauses in tech and hospitality riders – Chiara Badiali (Julie’s Bicycle)
  • Communicating sustainability successfully and Boomtown Fair’s ‘Respect’ campaign – Emily Ford (Boomtown Fair)

Round Table Sessions (45 mins):
Two hosted workshops/round tables sessions to dive into the detail and share experiences

  • Reducing Pointless Plastics and getting Drastic on Plastic – Chris Johnson (Shambala Festival/Kambe Events)
  • Reusable cup systems – Christine Dent (Shambala Festival/Kambe Events)
  • Power: Saving fuel and monitoring energy – Tim Benson (SMART Power)

Focus Topics:

  • Food for thought: Food waste, sustainable food policies, managing traders and liability – Mark Laurie (NCASS)
  • Band on the Run: I D & C and the journey towards eco-friendly wristbands – George Anger (ID & C)
  • Another Green World: Green approaches to audience travel – Bethan Riach (Powerful Thinking / Energy Revolution)
  • Help! Resources and tools roundup – a round-up of resources available – Chris Johnson (Shambala/Kambe Events)
  • What next? Sustainability for the AIF – Paul Reed (AIF)

The training day will take place on Monday 4th March 2019, at Wilton’s Music Hall.

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