Afro Vegan Supper Club – Zimbabwe Edition at Pipoca Vegan

By on March 5, 2019

Culinary Discovery Club is excited to announce an Afro vegan supper club showcasing the traditional foods of Zimbabwe with a modern twist. In partnership with Pipoca Vegan Restaurant in Brixton.

The menu has been specially designed by the talented Caz from Zimbabwe who will share her passion for her home country, culture and food.

It will be a three course vegan meal with soft hot and cold drinks provided.

Starter – Sadza Bites
Irresistible bite-sized maize-meal balls, cooked in aromatic spices and deep fried for a crispy touch.

Main – Bota neHowa
Chestnut mushrooms and aubergine cooked in a tangy traditional Zimbabwean onion and tomato-based sauce served with maize meal porridge cooked in herbs and garlic.

Dessert – Mupunga uneDovi
Creamy peanut butter rice pudding cooked in almond milk topped with strawberries and caramelised plantain.

This event forms part of a series of events celebrating International Women’s Day hosted by Pipoca Vegan restaurant.

Afro Vegan Supper Club – Zimbabwe Edition at Pipoca Vegan will be held on Monday 11th March 2019.

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