Afro-Cuban All Stars performs at The Jazz Cafe

By on February 26, 2019

One of the bands that introduced Afro-Cuban music to the world bring together the full spectrum of the Latin dance sound – and shape its future.

Led by Juan de Marcos González, the Afro-Cuban All Stars features mainstays of the Havana music scene, alongside a younger generation. In a rare London appearance, they perform songs old and new, as music from the golden era of Cuban music is revived and refreshed with the incorporation of contemporary sounds and rhythms.

Originating in the mid-1990s, the Afro-Cuban All Stars were founded by González to celebrate the heritage of pre-revolutionary Cuban music. With the support of UK label World Circuit Records and roots guitarist Ry Cooder, they headed to the studio to record a trio of albums – A Toda Cuba le Gusta, Buena Vista Social Club and Introducing…Rubén González. The records, and the accompanying documentary film by Wim Wenders also entitled Buena Vista Social Club were instrumental in popularising Cuban music worldwide.

Afro-Cuban All Stars performs at The Jazz Cafe on Monday 4th March and Tuesday 5th March 2019.

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