A Love Latino – Poetry and love songs from Sergio Marciano and special guest

By on January 3, 2019

The night goes like this. We start with the guitar, soloists, the best bolero players from around the world living in London. Colombians, Cubans, the real trubadors.

They share the stage with the poet, reciter, the reclaimer. But they’re all focused on one spirit, one energy of love. See how many people are around wanting to sing to love.

This is a night where we appreciate, and create, and release the feeling of love. The artists are here to restore the sensation, doing what the stage is meant to do.

Live what love feels like, in one line of song.

Love always starts inside you, if you don’t love yourself, noone can. The only way to know love is when you treat yourself sincerely. To give one’s self that love every day, is the only way any human being can find it.

We bring the artists to talk and sing about it, and audiences to swim in their music, to become conscious of their true value. To know what it is to live without insecurity, wihtout judgement. Art is the way to learn to love one’s self. Boleros will show us the way. Our host is Oreste Noda. His Sambroso events are a movement.

Don’t miss A Love Lation Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at 112 St Martin’s Ln.

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